High waisted denim jeans

The CORFU Trend Report - March 2022

Here at Corfu jeans, we're always looking at the latest designer collections.

As soon as they hit the catwalk, our trend team are all over the images. We analyse the tailoring and predict the direction that the designers and market are going in.

The next step is to buy samples of the most promising looks. We try them on, pick them apart for fit and create patterns that will deliver the same kind of look for our customers. That means, when you buy from Corfu jeans you will always have the latest looks in a cut that suits your figure. Our tailors are experts in the fit and comfort our customers demand.

Corfu denim jeans tailoring

So what's happening in the world of denim for 2022?

Denim was a highlight on the catwalk this season with most of the major designers showing an extensive range of looks from shirts to jeans. There are 5 major trends that have developed from the shows. Here, we dissect what we think are the key elements to look for. Corfu are already known for jeans that provide exceptional comfort and a slimming fit. When you buy from our range, you are also assured that the look is bang on trend.

Slouchy & Loose Denim Jeans

We know that many of our customers will be extremely happy with this news. Gone are the days of the skinny jeans trend. Comfort is the name of the game this time around. This season is all about big, wide, and loose with a high waist and subtly tapered leg. These jeans from Valentino epitomise the look that everyone is loving.

Valentino Denim Jeans

Dress up for the evening or down for the day time. Baggy denim jeans are the most relaxed way to go about your day. This season they can go everywhere, from the school run to swanky restaurants. Upgrade the look with heels and a tight sweater or floaty chiffon prints. In the summer, team with a classic tee or kaftan top with a pair of things for laid back chic. Try this pair of Heritage Dark Denim Jeans from the Corfu range.

Corfu Heritage Dark Denim Jeans


Darker toned Denim

The dark washes are in this season. Another nod in the direction of the Corfu customer. The flattering look of darker denim also means that as they age and soften, you get more wear. Although the wash fades gradually over time, the darker look becomes more worn in and casual. Dark denim jeans go with absolutely anything. Especially when teamed with this season's key accent colour - Cotton Candy Pink. Check out the range of darker denim we have in our range that will fit perfectly with your bold pastel accessories.

Pink Catwalk Coat

Tailored High Waists

It's the news we've ALL been waiting for! It's time to acknowledge exactly where our waists are. No more of the low slung hipster look. The silhouette this season is realistic and so incredibly comfortable that you'll never want to take them off. A higher waist means we can tailor the fit to slim, not squeeze. That creates a streamlined look that flatters every shape and size. Our tailors are experts at making sure our super soft denim caresses your shape and there are no uncomfortable pinches. High waists are great for tucking in tops to create a streamlined, smart look. They look amazing with heels, creating the illusion of longer, slimmer legs.

High waisted denim jeans

Head to Toe Denim

The days of Double (or even Triple) Denim are back. The designers simply can't get enough of this season's favourite fabric. The models were sent down the runway in top to toe denim in a variety of washes and prints. The look is very much like the trend for mixed prints. Different shades and treatments of denim create a multi-layered, kaleidoscopic blue effect. With workwear becoming high fashion there is nothing your favourite denim jeans can't team with and nowhere they can't go.

Double Denim


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