Find Your Fit


We all know how hard it can be to find the perfect pair of jeans, most women believe that jeans are designed for women with the ‘ideal’ figures. And as we all well know, in reality the ‘ideal’ figure just doesn’t exist. Whether it’s a trend that doesn’t flatter, a style that doesn’t quite work or a size that won’t fit buying jeans is a complicated affair.


Look slimmer in an instant! All our jeans are designed with a revolutionary compression panel gently holds the tummy in and our premium stretch denim lifts and reshapes your curves.

Tuck – Our revolutionary compression panel comfortably holds your stomach in, smoothing and reshaping your curves, making you look a size smaller in an instant.

Fit – Corfu’s specially designed waistbands comfortably hug the waist and flatter curves without gaping or pincing.

Lift – Corfu’s premium denim is specially woven to lift and subtly reshapes your curves. Our denim expands with your movement for optimal comfort but offers supreme recovery to prevent unwanted bagginess.


Too long? Too tight? Too Saggy? We have crafted a range of Custom Fits that finally deliver on the promise of perfectly fitting jeans. Find the fit and shape that best suits you. We help you choose the right fit, rise and waistband.

Below is a quick guide on how you can find the best fit, rise and waistband for you:


Easy Fit

Body Shape: Fuller figures and curvy types.

How it Helps: The Easy Fit helps give the perfectly shaped bottom, and more generously cut thighs means there’s no pulling or twisting, while still being slimming and leg lengthening.

Natural Fit

Body Shape: Most body types.

How it Helps: The Natural Fit defines your waist and enhances your curves, the regular thigh fit elongates the legs and shapes to your curves for the perfect fit.

Slim Fit

Body Shape: Straight or boyish figures

How it Helps: Slim fitting through the thigh helps to elongate the legs and flatter the bottom for a leaner silhouette.


The Regular Rise


Sits slightly above the natural waist for a bit more comfort, without trading off on fashion.

The Mid Rise


Sits on the natural waist and is designed to be a comfortable yet fashionable rise.

The Modern Rise


Sits slightly lower at the front but not too low, and is designed with comfort and fashion in mind.


Contoured Waistband

How it Helps: The two piece contoured waistband hugs the waist and flatters curves without gaping or pinching.

Straight Waistband

How it Helps: The straighter waistband makes it more comfortable around the waist for a straighter shaped body type.

Corfu Jeans finally deliver on the promise of perfect fitting jeans. All Corfu jeans are available in an array of styles, colours and washes to ensure that your denim is just as unique as you.