Happy Mom Jeans Day! The Rise and Fall and Rise of Mom Jeans

Happy Mom Jeans Day! The Rise and Fall and Rise of Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans. Mum Jeans. Whatever you choose to call them.

Happy Mothers' Day everyone! Hi, my name is Esther. I'm a 49 year old Mum. I have worn jeans since I was born in the early 1970s. My Mum wore bellbottoms and flares with high heeled red patent platform shoes that her kindy students called her 'fire engine shoes'. I remember bring teased on school trips for wearing flares and for getting them wet on long walks across the Northern English Moors.

Mom Jeans retro 90210

There's something about the high waisted look that makes things so much easier. Tucked in shirts completed the look and made it easy to show off your waist and look 'put together' while staying relaxed. The elasticated waist came in shortly after, helping everyone to make the most of the best parts of their body. Get a pair of baggies and they won't fall down. Get a tighter pair to accentuate your great legs without cutting off your circulation. 

Jeans and trends

As time went on, the Mom/Mum jean trend continued for almost 2 decades, From basic denim to stonewash, bleached and acid washed. Anyone that has watched FRIENDS or Beverley Hills 90210 knows just how comfortable and adaptable these jeans are. You barely know you're wearing them. There's no pinching or squeezing. You can choose your own look.

The higher cut means that if you are large on the backside or thighs and want to minimise things, the waistline allows you to make changes to your physique without the dreaded diet.

Corfu Mum Jeans Vintage

OMG. When things went wrong.

As usual, with fashion, things swing from high to low, right to wrong. And the reaction to Mom jeans was to go tight and low. In the 2000s we were all subject to the super low-rise jeans that required not only minimal underwear, but abs the shape of a very flat chopping board. Britney, Keira, Posh, Xtina and Paris, thanks. But we don't all have the confidence to pierce our belly buttons and trust our posture to keep up our clothing.

Low rise jeans

There are even more extreme examples, coming from the place of extremes - Brazil. And I don't think anyone will be surprised by just how low you can go. Yeah. Maybe we don't need to see this. Google it.

Mom Jeans are THE BEST.

They will literally help you hide any bulge. Any perceived imperfection and let you run around with the rugrats without fear of exposing anything unnecessary. You know what I mean. You don't want to be pulling up your clothes while watching the little ones or the dog heading to the edge of the park.

Go them Mom jeans. Here's a link to our best selling pair. Vintage Comfort Jeans. You will NEVER be uncomfortable. Here's some inspiration from the young'uns.

If you want to talk, I'm always here on the website. 

Love to all you Mums!

Esther x

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