Denim Skirts - The Summer to Winter Essential

Denim Skirts - The Summer to Winter Essential

What's the best denim skirt for winter?

Now that the heat has gone out of the air for most of us, we're wondering what to wear for the transition from Summer to Winter. The denim skirt is the answer. Versatile enough to cope when the sun comes out yet warmer than cotton.

When the weather really starts to take a turn, pair your denim skirt with thick tights, knee high leather boots and your favourite baggy jumper during the day. At night, add a signature denim jacket and a scarf. Denim is breathable, yet keeps the windchill factor down and really is the most verstaile fabric for all seasons.

Here's some insipration for denim skirts mid-season

Denim skirt for winter wear

Sophisitcated denim skirt


Here at Corfu Jeans we've been making the best denim skirts for 40 years and we're not going anywhere - apart from up in the fashion stakes.

Our premium, ethically sourced denim is soft and hugs your figure, rather than squeezing it. Style the ldenim skirt look up in the evening with sheers and layers or throw on a hoodie and your favourite sneakers for the school or supermarket run.

Here's a selection of some of our top selling denim skirs that we think might just fit the bill. We have everything from figure hugging to A-line classics and even printed denim for that individual look.

This is our Clara skirt in classic French Blue. Just the right length for thongs in the winter or cosy Uggs and leather in the winter.

Corfu Jeans Clara French Blue Denim Skirt


For a flattering A-line look that goes with everything from the office to the country, why not try our Ainsley style.

Corfu Ainsley Dark Blue Denim Skirt

Or even for a touch of personality, try an Easy Fit Floral Pattern that keeps summer going all winter long? This mid length deep denim Jaquard Print is on sale at the moment and great for wherever your day takes you or what you need to do.

Corfu Floral Denim Skirt


The possibilities are endless. We have different lengths, fits, sizes from 8 to 20, classic or easy-on elasticated waists. Visit our denim range today and see what takes your fancy.

Exciting news! Next week we'll be blogging about our brand new Winter 2022 range!